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About Us
My name is Victor Okoh, and I’m the founder and CEO of Redify Inc. I’m also a professor and a research scientist with doctorate degrees in toxicology, and a master degree in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School. In addition, I am also a proud dad of three kids including my twin girls. 

When my girls were seven years old, they were diagnosed with precocious puberty. Up till that day, my wife and I have never heard of precocious puberty. We later learned that this condition is an early predictor for future diseases including cancers, infertilities, fibroids, obesity, and many more. 

As a cancer scientist studying the effects of environmental estrogens on breast cancer development and progression, I never knew that the same types of chemicals I’ve used to induce tumors in mice are exactly the same types of chemicals in my children's products. Even worse, I learned that these toxic chemicals were legally permissible in products in the USA (while they are banned elsewhere), as long as they are disclosed on product labels. 

But the average consumer is not aware of the health risks associated with some of these ingredients, nor are they aware of safer alternative products. This is the motivation for Redify; a simple app that scans barcodes to inform consumers if the product contain toxic ingredients which we refer to as chemicals of Health Concern (CHCs), then recommends cleaner alternatives without toxic ingredients. 

Redify won first place in 2018 Miami Herald/Florida International University Pitch competition, and we also won the “People's Choice Award” in the same competition. We were also chosen to attend Comcast/Boomtown Startup Accelerator Program in 2019. 

This technology has empowered my wife to be a smarter consumer, and I hope you find it empowering as well as you scan products in your homes or in stores. 

Download the Redify app here, and join us in our mission to Empower Consumer Choice and Well-being.

Dedicated to my twins girls, Ify and Isy
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