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Why Partner with Redify?

Simply put, Redify is the most cost-effective way to reach our community of activist shoppers. These are consumers who have decided not to purchase a product specifically because it contains toxic ingredients or Chemical of Health Concerns (CHCs) and are trusting us to present similar products without toxic ingredients for their consideration.

Your product can be amongst the nine products featured on Redify’s Premium Ranking Spot (PRS). PRS listed products are guaranteed to be seen by users seeking clean Alternatives to a toxic brand. But before a product is featured on Redify’s PRS, it must first be vetted for “clean ingredient status”, then onboarded as Redify’s Partnership Brand if it passes the screening process.

If you are interested in having the conversation of listing your product on Redify platform, please reach out to us at




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Redify enables users to identify and avoid products with toxic ingredients while also presenting cleaner alternatives. It also enable users to directly advocate for safer ingredients. Ingredient Transparency, Healthier Living, Better Life.

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