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Why Partner with Redify?

Are you a clean brand looking to engage health conscious consumers? Collaborate with us and join the movement to create a safer, healthier world for our children.

Redify is building a community of consumers looking for cleaner, safer, healthier products that do not contain Chemicals of Health Concern (CHCs). Our app has been proven to engage users and support brand switching to clean products.

Your products can be featured on our Premium Ranking Spot (PRS) where we recommend clean alternatives. PRS listed products are guaranteed to be seen by consumers seeking clean alternatives to toxic products.

To qualify, your product will have to be independently vetted and its “clean” status validated before being onboarded as a Redify Partnership Brand.

If you would like your clean product(s) to be listed on Redify’s platform, please contact us at



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Redify empowers users to protect themselves and their families by identifying toxic ingredients in everyday products and presenting cleaner alternatives. It also empowers you to advocate for safer products. ”Redify it” for a safer, healthier life.

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