A baby that opens his eye
A baby that opens his eye

Power of the People’s Purse

It is no secret that US laws were written to protect product manufacturers at the expense of the consumers health and wellbeing. That is why brands can formulate their products with chemicals known to pose health risks, and it would be legal. Their calculation is that consumers will assume that products on supermarket shelves have been determined to be safe by the FDA, but that is not the case; hence the purpose of Redify’s Advocacy Campaign.

Redify is on a mission to reduce our body’s toxic load and advocate for toxic-free ingredients.

To this effect, we will be conducting Advocacy campaigns where consumers can pressure toxic brands directly to use toxic-free ingredients, all by the push of the Advocate button on Redify app.

The rationale for this campaign is that brands will be more likely to respond to the power of the people’s purse than the power of the government.

You can support this campaign financially in one of 3 ways.

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